It has been far too long since we got a life update from the one and only Lauren Collins (aka laurengracelife on the gram). She has been a supporter of 4since day one and she will always hold a place as one of our favourite humans. We love her dreamy neutral feed full of aesthetic interior inspo and enviable outfit posts. We constantly go to her for our daily style fix so we thought we would delve a little deeper and get more of an insight into the life of Lauren so stay tuned.

 Lauren is wearing our Dallas blazer available here and our matching Dallas trouser available here.


 Let’s get straight into it, how would you describe your style?

Timeless & classic with a bit of edge.

What would you say are the 3 things in your wardrobe that you absolutely CANNOT live without?

My vintage Armani black blazer. A pair of denim jeans, a pale wash is my favourite. The perfect white tee.

What’s your favourite Christmas film & why?

I have a couple Home Alone because it reminds me of my childhood. Me and my brother would watch every single one every year on Christmas eve. But also New Years Eve - I feel like it is such an underrated Christmas film and I just love it!

Lauren is wearing our Tula blazer available here and our Virgo trouser available here.

What does your daily morning routine consist of?

I always start my day by checking my sleep analytics from my fitbit haha. Then on weekdays I get straight out of bed and into the gym, to either do a pilates class or maybe a HIIT workout on the treadmill. Then porridge for breakfast and time to get ready to start working for around 10am. 

We have been loving following your blog over at laurengrace.co.uk. What made you want to start blogging as well as Instagram?

Thank you so much! I actually started my blog back in 2015 when I was preparing for Univeristy. I started it to make me stand out at the open day and just loved doing it! Instagram is much more of a priority for me now but I will always love uploading to my website.

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A lot of our customers are also very creative so we would like to know where do you find your content inspiration for your blog?

90s supermodels are my absolute go-to inspo.

What’s on your Christmas wish list?

I haven’t actually got anything on my wish list, but if I had to choose right now I would say a minimalist coffee table book, a candle from Diptyque and a pair of cashmere socks from The White Company.

If you had to choose one outfit from 4​ & Reckless and dress it up for Christmas, what would this be and how would you style it?

The sequin trousers available here with a cream chunky knit and some heeled boots. Festive but chic.

Lauren is wearing our Chelsea sequin trousers available here and the Virgo blazer available here.

As it’s coming up to Christmas it seems only right, we ask for your help with our present shopping. What do you think is an ideal gift for a mum and then another which is an ideal gift for a boyfriend?

For my mum I would get her something special that she would never get for herself, whether that’s a new handbag or a beauty treatment. For J, the man who has everything, I always get him random bits that he has mentioned before. TOP TIP: Write a list throughout the year of things they mention they want or like, so helpful for your future self!  


Let’s end it on, if you could go back and give your younger self some words of advice what would they be?

Keep doing what you are doing and don’t let other people cloud your path.