The influencer with all the mirror pic inspiration you could ever need, we sat down for a virtual online chat with the gorgeous Georgina Lennon. A supporter of 4th from day one, her styling reels are what we live for. Having recently collaborated with us on her top picks for autumn/winter we wanted to get to know her just that little bit better. Keep scrolling for a little look into the life of all things Lennon.
Let’s start with an easy one, were obsessed with horoscopes, what’s your star sign?
I’m a Sagittarius but haven’t ever really looked too deeply into what that meant, until now! So, turns out I’m a fire sign; overly honest, philosophical & one of the best people to go to Vegas with, apparently. I’ll take it!
What has got you through the last few months of lockdown? What advice can you give people now as we enter lockdown 2.0?
The first lockdown I channelled all of my energy in to Instagram; I felt like it gave me something to structure my day around, to look forward to & to give me a creative outlet, so I guess I’d say try & find something you’re passionate about & use the time as a positive opportunity to do something you love. That being said, don’t put too much pressure on yourself to ‘make the most of the time’. If all you want to do is curl up in a tracksuit & have chocolate for breakfast, do that! It’s been a tough year, listen to what your mind & body want, for sure. 

Georgina is wearing our Camille snake blazer available here and Eva mini skirt available here
I think we need a recap into the world of Georgina Lennon, what’s been going on recently with you?
Oh goodness, where do we start!? I feel like the past few months have been a bit of a whirlwind for me. A lot has changed in my life, both personally & professionally & I’m just really excited! From being able to host the @luxegirl show (wearing 4th, obviously!) to working with some amazing brands, I’m really grateful for the doors that Instagram has opened for me. I think it’s important to remember that Instagram is a highlight reel & we’ve all got other less-than-rosey things going on. & now it’s back to being stuck inside for the next few weeks!
Georgina is wearing our Moni blazer available here and Moni Trouser available here
Why do you love (well we hope) working with 4th?
Of course, I do! I love everything about 4th; I feel like you’re doing something different to what everyone else is offering, the quality is always amazing & I know I’ll have the pieces in my wardrobe for years to come.
Let’s talk fashion. Where do you get all your style inspiration?
Everywhere! Literally! I think we all get inspired by Instagram on a daily basis, but I also use Pinterest a lot. If there’s something in my wardrobe that I’m stuck with how to wear, I’ll search it & see how other people have styled similar pieces. I also look at celebrity stylists, like Hailey Bieber’s stylist, Maeve. 
What is your favourite piece from your edit and why?
It doesn’t get much better than the Lancer Vegan Leather Coat! This is such a trend piece for this season but will also become a wardrobe staple. It’s such an easy throw on that just elevates an outfit. I love playing with textures in outfits so would layer over a fluffy knit & jeans. I’ve also been wearing mine over a tracksuit to make me look more like I’ve made an effort!
We couldn’t live without our Tula blazer available here, how would Georgina Lennon style a basic black blazer?
I would wear a black blazer every day if I could! I could style it with anything; from leather trousers & heels for date night, to grey joggers & trainers for running errands. I’ve recently become obsessed with belting my oversized black blazer & wearing as a dress with chunky boots. The possibilities are endless!

Georgina is wearing our Apollo blazer available here and our Falcon trousers available here
What beauty product can you literally not live without? 
Oh! That’s a tough one! I need to pick two; dry shampoo & Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lip liner. I use both pretty much every day & they never fail to pick me up. 
You’ve grown massively on Instagram in such a short time, how have you managed this social success?
I honestly do not know how it’s happened! I’ve worked really hard & haven’t given myself a day off in months; I’m a walking zombie 99% of the time, but I love it. If I think about it too much, I get severe imposter syndrome, so I try not to question it & just be grateful for the growing community every day!

Have you got any words of wisdom for aspiring influencers to finish with?
I started by just posting things I loved. I think you need to create something that you, personally, would want to see from someone else. People will follow you for originality. Consistency is key, but also make sure you’re evolving as you go. Lastly, enjoy it! It’s not meant to be a massive stress. I started my Instagram because I LOVE clothes & creating outfits.