2023 Top 5 Interior Trends

The latest Interior trends we are loving so far in 2023. Whether you’re needing some inspiration or looking for ideas for a renovation, keep reading to discover the latest interior musts.


Gone are the endless days of grey and white with a new range of neutrals becoming the popular palette of choice. With people wanting their house to be a calm yet uplifting space without resorting to vibrant pops of colour, warmer neutrals are back in. Think all things beige, greige and muted sage.


It’s the return of metal within the home, used as an accent to your softer furnishings metallic aspects are a great way to make your home seem high end and add a shine to your interior. Whether its chrome ornaments, wire magazine racks or metal finishes, from gold trims to mirrored surfaces it’s clear metallics are back and we love it!


This is a new one and we are living for how tiles are being brought back into focus in a modern way. Going big on TikTok in 2022 for an easy DIY table giving a designer finish this year it is going even further. From decorations to dainty shelves, we are loving the use of tile to bring in colour to a neutral space.


A trend that we used to associate with our grandparents, ceramics are on their way back in! Going away from the standard multipack kitchenware that has dominated our cupboards, freshen up your assembly with dainty hand painted cups or invest in some timeless naturalistic pieces in neutral hues.  


The latest alternative to side tables and dressers, plinths are a relatively new interior trend and are guaranteed to add glamour to any space. Cost effective and a great display feature, these can be made from almost anything, from wood to concrete to stone. We love these as a focal point with a vase and flowers on top.